Why is Automation important?

A recent study on productivity performance had revealed that just 20% of the working day is concentrated on essential tasks, while 80% is wasted on tasks with little value. Effective productivity or work efficiency can be difficult to accomplish at times, especially when distractions like junk mail, noise, meetings, YouTube exist. One of the most important ways of boosting your work efficiency is to automate your tasks with the right tools.

The greatest reason for workload automation is increased productivity. With automation, you and your team can achieve greater task in less time. Besides, the cost of labor is reduced with increased output.

A recent survey that inquired about the most important benefits of automation stated that over 30% of businesses agreed that workload automation reduced costs while another 25% cited increased productivity.

Another study that linked workload automation to amazing benefits like availability, reliability and performance revealed that 79% of marketers agreed that it resulted in easier campaign management while 77% said it improved sales.

Which Tasks Should You Automate?

There are several business tasks that you can automate. Examples are 

  • Campaigns and content output
  • Email
  • Blogging content
  • Social media post
  • Entire lead generation process
  • Note taking, quick memos and funny quotes
  • Invoice creation
  • Data sharing
  • Receipts and reimbursement
  • File storage
  • File sharing
  • File Backup
  • Access management
  • Visitor management
  • Contact forms
  • Issue tracking
  • Workflow
  • Customer support and help desk needs
  • Customer Resource Management (CRM)
  • Project Management
  • Sales, inventory and accounts
  • Shopping carts/online ordering
  • Budget
  • Hiring and HR systems
  • Planning, employee communication, time clocks and payrolls
  • Onboarding and training
  • Office environment
  • Lighting HVAC

Automated workflow enhances better communication among members of a team and this results in effective collaboration on various tasks and brainstorm ideas.

Automated software features a personalized dashboard where workers can communicate with one another and share documents. A manager can delegate jobs to different teams under him and keep track of who is working on each task.

Almost every work can be automated. For instance, designers and bloggers can automate their content creation and save time and resources using software that allows them to create, edit and distribute their blog posts and graphics online.    

Software engineers on the other hand can automate numerous little tasks associated with programming such as coding for applications, writing, email, form filling, to mention a few. 

What Are The Best Work Automation Tools?

The technology behind work automation is to help companies and people who work in them to be more efficient, more relaxed and remove a lot of repetitive (boring) tasks in their daily work. It also offers employees flexibility and reliability.

Are your office systems automated yet? Below are some suggestions for a few automated work tools you shouldn’t live without.

1. QuickBooks

This is accounting automated software which is a top mobile app for small businesses. It features a cloud where you can save your data, view later and access insights such as sales reports.

2. Lyvia

This is a universal document generation software that is able to generate documents based on templates, removes the need to write documents, automatically respond to emails based on rules, help to follow current status of projects and reduces overhead by checking status with other people. This tool uses Business Process Workflows (BPMN), supports excel functions to automate calculations and sorting and also use mobile phone as a scanner. It creates new functions in minutes, 100% adapted to your own processes and compatible with all systems- Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10), Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android and even Windows Phone.

3. Community Elf

This is a blogging automated tool which generates content for brands. When you log into this platform, you will be able to access the software that will identify content that’s relevant, authoritative and shareable across the web. The software relieves the burden on the marketing team because creating great content is expensive, time consuming and hard to promote.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot is an all-in-one automation software that helps you automate your entire lead generation process by bringing all aspects of content marketing under one roof. With this software, you will be able to consistently market and contact your leads. In addition, HubSpot has an extensive reporting system which enables you to see exactly how each social media post, blog post, email, and more brought in more customers to your business.

5. Dropbox

This is a popular automated software that it used by over 500 million people across the globe. Its benefits include cloud storage, mobile file access and live file collaboration. Whenever there is an occurrence of security breach or a natural disaster, this software can help you to recover deleted files. You can connect it to your social media or Google Drive accounts. With this application, you will be relieved from the burden of manually sharing your documents via email.

6. iTranslate

If you need to communicate with international clients, this automated software is what you need as it is able to compose and interpret text and speech in up to 90 languages. When you are on your way travelling, this app will help you to ease communication and collaboration. Besides, it helps to optimize your networking opportunities and business trips. When you speak into your Smartphone, the software will translate your words into your desired language.

Do you know an interesting tool not in this list? Add it to the comments section!